Garry's Mod JukeBox

YouTube Music Player

Music streaming addon for the game Garry's Mod. Uses YouTube to stream and sync songs across the entire server.

All Songs list

The All Songs list displays all the songs available on the server, with sorting options.

Queueing a Song

Once you queue a song, you get a notification along the top of the window.


The options menu controls what you get nitifications for in-game, as well as interface language.

Add a Song - Manual

The old way of adding songs, with automatic URL detection and length checks from YouTube API.

Add a Song - Search

The quicker way to add songs. Quickly search YouTube from within the app and add anything you want.

Add a Song - Auto Complete

When using the search function, song name , artist and duration are automatically entered for you.


Once a song has been requested, it awaits admin approval within the Requests tab.

Updating Songs

All songs can be updated easily from a popup menu accessible from the All Songs list.

All Songs searching

The All Songs list has a few ways to browse, including sorting by artist/song name starting letter and search.