Garry's Mod JukeBox

YouTube Music Player

Music streaming addon for the game Garry's Mod. Uses YouTube to stream and sync songs across the entire server.

Garry's Mod Jukebox

A YouTube music system for any Gamemode!


Garry's Mod JukeBox is an addon that allows users to request songs to be played in a queue one after the other across the whole server. It uses YouTube to stream the music and has YouTube API features incorporated to make managing things easier.

The addon requires no gamemodes, so it should work with whatever your server runs (DarkRP, Deathrun, TTT, PropHunt, Murder ect.).

The addon uses YouTube to stream music to the players. This means there are no audio downloads for your players and the owners of the songs still gain views.


  • Uses YouTube to stream songs
  • Easy adding, editing and removing of songs
  • Server synchronisation, everyone hears the same thing at the same time
  • Song skipping
  • Chat notifications
  • Song searching
  • Users can submit songs to be added
  • Custom, familiar UI
  • Song queue saves across server changelevel and restart/crash
  • PointShop 1 support (charge to queue songs)
  • PointShop 2 support (charge to queue songs)
  • HUD element to display currently playing
  • Song cool-downs so songs can't be played repetitively
  • Player queue limits so one person can't queue too many songs
  • Ban players from queueing and requesting songs
  • Separate cool-downs and limits for different usergroups
  • Language file support (can be translated to any language!)
  • Limit certain groups from queueing songs
  • MySQL Support for All Songs list (requires mysqloo)

(More has been added in updated but I've not kept track)


This can be done via the shared_settings.lua file.

  • Edit colours of the UI and chat messages
  • Edit cost of queueing a song/remove it completely
  • Change the percentage of players needed to vote skip the song
  • Add more chat commands
  • Assign certain ULX ranks to be able to manage the JukeBox
  • Assign certain SteamIDs to be able to manage the JukeBox
  • Change the default volume of new players
  • FastDL or Workshop downloads
  • HUD element customisation

Installation and Support

To install, drop the botdan_jukebox folder into the garrysmod/addons/ folder and restart the server.

I will offer full support with setting up and customising the addon. This addon does add a few PNGs that should be added to you FastDL if you choose to not use the Workshop download option.

If there's anything wrong with the script (errors or glitches), please report them immediately through the ticket system on here. If you have any suggestions or comments on the script, feel free to use any method available to you on this site (not Steam). I will remain updating and fixing this script for as long as I have a computer and an internet connection (probably forever).


For images, check the 'Media' tab at the top of the page. The images show the VGUI menu from the point of view of a Manager of the JukeBox (basically an admin). The edit buttons and the admin area do not display for regular players.

Side Note

There are issues with Garry's Mod's in-game web renderer, Awesomium, that mean YouTube videos can't play by default. This can be cured by switching to the chromium/x64 builds of Garry's Mod.