Tower Unite Projects

A collection of projects based around Tower Unite.

Here you'll find laser projector code, arcade projects and a few other bits and bobs.

3D Minigolf

Minigolf, but in 3D, made for the Arcade in Tower Unite.

This project utilised the arcade API and a custom rendering and physics system I made for it.


Arcade Emulator

This is a web emulator of the Tower Unite Arcade API. Some functionality is missing, and performance is not 100% representative.

Mouse and keyboard required. No touchscreen support.

For the best experience, play on Chrome.

Known Issues:

  • Sound is not implemented
  • Clipping is not implemented (things draw outside where they should)
  • Some draw functions don't match the original API
  • Some textures don't match the original API


A minigolf game running in JavaScript for the arcade API. A custom physics engine and renderer were written to allow this game to work.