Assorted projects from throughout the years

These projects are mostly abandoned. I may revisit them in the future. This is just a home for them.

This is not an exhaustive list of everything I've worked on. Projects here are probably here because they are publically available or the project has finished. There's quite a lot of unreleased stuff that won't see the light of day.

This Year

Music Streaming Service Combiner
Web application to combine Spotify and YouTube. Allows for creating playlists containing music from both providers. Front-end built in React, with the back-end running through NodeJS.
TypeScript React NodeJS


Arcade 3D Minigolf
Working on creating a 3D system within an API only capable of drawing 2D quadrilaterals. Currently have models rendering. Working on z-sorting and physics system for the ball.
Recode and redesign of, using Vue with TypeScript for the front-end and Node + Express for the back-end. Hosted through DigitalOcean and routed through CloudFlare.
Vue 2 TypeScript NodeJS


OwenBot - Text-to-speech bot for Discord

A bot made for a friend while their microphone wasn't working. Automatically joins the user's channel when sending a message to broadcast to all. Used Google's TTS API.

Document Outline Editor

University coursework. A website allowing people to create and quickly edit document outlines. Supported Google logins. Written in regular JavaScript for the front-end (no frameworks allowed), with the back-end using Express.
JavaScript HTML CSS NodeJS


Personal Portfolio Website

University coursework. A website to demonstrate our ability to utilise up-to-date HTML5 tags, valid CSS and consider accessibility.
JavaScript HTML CSS

Squash in Python

A singleplayer game written as part of a Uni challenge to make squash in Python using the limited and without using classes.


Boolean Interpreter & Circuit Builder
A Python tool for creating and simplifying boolean expressions. Expanded to have a UI to ease the process of converting circuits to boolean expressions.

Arcade 2D Minigolf
Built a UI system to create a level editor for a 2D minigolf arcade game I was working. Initially written in lua, then moved to JavaScript when support was added. lua version had custom physics engine.
lua JavaScript



Garry's Mod JukeBox
Music streaming addon for the game Garry's Mod. Uses YouTube to stream and sync songs across the entire server. Still actively supported.

The Beginning of Time